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Ballet - Jazz - Tumbling - Tap - Modern - Hip Hop - 

African - Pointe - & More!




Our Rookie class is for ages 2-5 year olds. In this class we focus on teaching the beginning steps to using their body.  The classes we offer to our Rookie's are as follows:



  • -TAP




Our Rookie class is our introductory class. In this class we focus on preparing our dancers for pre-professional training as well as performance training. At this level we get the dancers comfortable with all all genres of dance as well as introduce them to their bodies abilities. We offer all classes to this level except for pointe.




Our INT. Iclass is our intermediate level. This class moves at a slightly faster pace, and includes more conditioning to prepare the dancers for Int. II. Dancers placed in this level are allowed to take all classes MCD offers.




Our Int. II class is our advanced level class. This class has the most technical training and conditioning out of all or the classes at MCD. They take every class offered.

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